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When “Winging It” Doesn’t Work

There are many things that make me proud of Communispace, but towards the top of my list is that we spend nearly $1MM/year on research. Although this is not a revenue-generating part of the company, we invest this money to keep on the cutting edge of relevant issues and trends affecting our clients, and to answer our clients’ questions with integrity.

Consider these questions, which we get on a daily basis:

  • Who ARE these people in your communities? The Lonely Hearts Club?
  • Aren’t these people biased in their answers?
  • What level of participation can I reasonably expect?
  • Are men different from women in how they participate?
  • Is this stuff statistically significant?
  • Why have 400 people in your communities instead of 4,000 or 40,000?
  • What are the special practices involved in Hispanic or African-American communities?
  • Why give consumers incentives to participate?
  • What works for youth communities?
  • Are community members more creative than the average consumer?
  • What are you hearing about the Green Revolution?

The work done by our research and innovation team has helped us answer these questions and more, eliminating the need for us to “wing it” with our clients.

Recently, the team has completed two fascinating pieces of work that have changed my view of the world. The first, C-Suite to Main Street: Bridging the Divide, underscores the differences between the lives of executives and the consumers they target during this tough economy; it reminded me of the bubble many of us live in and what a terrible time it is to lose touch with customers.

In the newly released second study, Breakthroughs without Borders, we explore the richness of our multicultural communities—which busts myths about what a “household” is or how “consumers want to be in control.” We have two versions of these reports—one for you quant jocks who need the detail, and an easy reading booklet version that you can take to the beach and impress your friends with.

Happy reading, and please send us your feedback!

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