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Who are These People?

A few weeks ago something terrible happened.
But then something really great happened, too.

One Monday morning, a C-space facilitator for the Women’s community received an e-mail from a member’s husband. His wife (let’s call her Sara), a super-active member we’ve all “known” pretty well for the past few years, had been killed in a car accident over the weekend. Sara was in her mid-thirties with two tween sons. He wrote:

“…she had so much fun with the group and loved doing it. Thank you all for being a part of her life.”

I googled Sara’s full name+car accident+state she lived in, pulled up the obituary, and suddenly the world felt much smaller.

We posted the tragic news in the community and opened a discussion where members could share their thoughts and condolences, which we’ll in turn share with Sara’s husband. The responses were overwhelming, and I vowed not to read the discussion again without waterproof mascara.

Then a member started a separate discussion about making a donation to the memorial mentioned in the obit. This didn’t surprise us since we have a lot of strong personalities in this community. What DID surprise us was how many of the women were willing to contribute – especially at a time where many of them are being forced to tighten their belts.

So often we are asked about the members who comprise our communities, “Who are these people? Are they normal, ordinary people like you and me?*

I would argue that many of our members are extraordinary.

* upcoming research on this very subject to be published in April!

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