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Who is our Newcomer of the Year?

From the outside, all businesses are pretty much opaque. It can look like every move they make comes out of some Borg-like collective consciousness. Don’t get me wrong; C Space is at the forefront of team collaboration, but it’s individuals like our Benjamin Moncrieffe who energise those teams and get businesses to perform amazing things.

Talking of Ben, we’re extremely proud to say that he’s been shortlisted for this year’s MRS Newcomer of the Year award – a great achievement. How did he do it? Well…

  • Rocketman. He’s been with us for just over 3 years and in that time he has shot from Intern up to Associate Consultant, Consultant and Senior Consultant.
  • Businessman. He leads some of C Space’s largest and longest standing accounts, spending part of the week embedded in their offices. And at 25 years old, he is the youngest to be doing this.
  • Social Sec. He finds the time even to organise the C Space Christmas Party and the Summer Sports Day, and MCing all our internal awards ceremonies, spinning records and even shaking cocktails with his pro mixology skills.

So what else has this new-ish guy been up to that’s got everyone hot under the collar?

In the few years Ben’s been with us, he’s worked on plenty of accounts, but the jewel in his (and ours too) crown has to be the amazing relationship he has built with our key clients, who recognised his talents early.

With one of them, he’s embedded in their insight team, spending one day a week at their offices. As an extension of their team, Ben helps make the business more customer centric by giving a direct line to its customers, through face-to-face meetings, live workshops and online communities. He finds briefs to help the teams so they are not making assumptions about the customer.

By being present, Ben pushes stakeholders to make informed decisions based on insight. It allows him to spot opportunities where they could do with customer involvement, getting their input into planning meetings and embedding the voice of the customer in the business, effectively future-proofing any project that the brand sets out.

What are some highlights? They reflect some of the best of C Space’s kind of work.

  1. A client’s best friend. Well, he’s currently leading a project that brings together three audiences – customers, engineers and designers – to co-create better solutions for pet owners
  2. Flat out. This year, he completed an ‘early buyers study’ for a client in the US, running 16 ethnographies – visiting customers in their homes to understand how they interact with the product while going about their daily lives – and 1 live workshop. The findings improved product marketing, product development and retail experience, and the success of this project has led to more studies by C Space.
  3. Show and tell. Ben presented at the clients’ recent Global Customer Insight Summit – bringing a playlist for the event chosen by customers from the client’s online community and setting up a gallery of the customers that have been involved in the innovation process.
  4. Impact for change. Ben’s team is helping to change the way his clients speak to customers, by improving communications – they designed a framework that helped buyers feel welcome to the business, built trust and added value to the after-sales experience.

You might think Ben sounds like our star performer, and he is – but he’s one of many. At C Space, having people of this calibre tends to be the rule, not the exception. And we look forward to many more shortlistings and, dare we dream, winners of this award.

In the meantime, as our executive director Ed is keen to emphasise, this is NOT an advert for Ben. He is NOT for sale.

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