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Are We Living In The Paleolithic Era of The Information Age? or Why Is My Smart Phone So Dumb?

It’s not easy staying connected these days. In fact it’s a lot of work. And it takes up a lot of valuable time.

Apple’s iPhone, RIM’s Blackberry, and Google’s Android devices have brought connectivity into the palm of our hands.  But they have also made it nearly mandatory to stay connected.  It’s assumed these days—by my family, friends, colleagues, boss—that I am available at any time, and any message will reach me somehow, someway.  How many times have we sent an email, text, sms, mms, or bbm then wondered why the recipient isn’t responding.  We know they are online—the little green dot on Facebook says so. You know they always have their phone.  So why aren’t they responding?

I find staying connected and responsive a complicated and somewhat exhaustive process. These are the steps I have to take several times a day on my so called “smart” phone, to minimize the anxiety of friends, family and colleagues who need to reach me urgently:

  1. Check work email via the web browser
  2. Check texts, sms, and MMS
  3. Check Gmail
  4. Check AOL -IM
  5. Login to Facebook and check messages, alerts, chats, requests, etc, and, set my status and identify my location.
  6. Log onto TweetDeck and check for any DMs or mentions
  7. And let’s not forget listening to voicemails.

That doesn’t sound so smart to me.

I value the connectivity these platforms provide—that’s why I do all that work to try to keep in touch. But I can’t help feeling like I am living in the Paleolithic era of the Information Age.

There are plenty of apps that will help me manage all of this communication and connectivity–I have test driven a few.

But I don’t want an app for that.  I just want a really smart phone.

I want a smart phone that

  1. Seamlessly allows me to view all of my contacts and their availability, on my home screen
  2. Tracks my whereabouts, and automatically updates my contacts (no more check-ins)
  3. Includes a one-click, easy ‘vacation mode’.  This will make it clear to all my contacts that I am not checking in regularly
  4. More than 8-10 hours of battery life/use time with wireless charging

I believe this kind of integration would open a whole new world of opportunities for users, and consumers as well as for brands looking to engage with and connect with their customers in a meaningful way.  More on that to come in part 2…

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