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Why Relationship Matters in a Mobile World

Mobile is no longer the future; it’s the present. Marketers and researchers need to start fitting how they engage with and understand consumers into this new mobile reality.

Truly embracing a mobile-first mindset means shifting your priorities and your perceptions of how research should work: speed over perfection; brevity over detail; immediacy over purity; relationship over reach. The transition to mobile may be challenging – and a little scary – to some, but the rewards more than justify the effort. Employed thoughtfully and carefully, mobile research can both enable and reinforce deeper, more collaborative brand-customer relationships.

But how can we adapt and evolve traditional research models to facilitate meaningful, rewarding interactions between brands and consumers, while leveraging the unique possibilities of mobile?

In my latest report, Why Relationship Matters in a Mobile World, a study of 1,224 online community members, I analyze the impact of mobile usage on consumers’ survey responses and the distinct patterns of mobile use across communities, devices, generations, races, and consumer segments. Taken as a whole, these findings emphasize the importance of matching method with research objective and anticipating the impact of planned or unplanned mobile access.

And while mobile survey methodologies and platforms will need to continue to evolve, to focus only on surveys is to ignore the true power of mobile devices: they are with us constantly, enabling real-time interactions and in-the-moment insights that often get lost through recall and self-report. That’s why my report provides best practices to optimize data quality and the experience for mobile users, as well as case studies that showcase mobile research applications beyond the traditional questionnaire.

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