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100 Days and Counting: Wieden & Kennedy’s Salute to Olympic Moms

Today marks 100 days to go before the opening ceremonies light up London for the XXX Olympiad. I remember being on the streets of London in July 2005, celebrating the news that London just beat Paris to claim the title as Host of 2012. Beginning that day, reunions were planned and stories began to fly about how the city would change. A lot of people have been working extremely hard over the past seven years to prepare for this historic event of athleticism and community among Nations.

Every four years the Summer Games bring in countless sponsors and advertising opportunities. The Games are high energy and high emotion for all involved. This combination of passion and enthusiasm allows for creative work that connects with you, and leaves you with tingles. This year the fun has just begun with Wieden + Kennedy kicking things off with a message that’s sure to hit you in the gut with an emotional connection.

To get you in the Olympic spirit P&G is showcasing the Moms behind the athletes. For all the Moms out there (and DADs!) who have ever washed a uniform, packed a cooler of water and ice, driven to countless practices, and cheered from the stands and in the rain through every win and loss, here’s to you!

Let The Games begin…

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