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Communispace Clients Among World’s Most Innovative Companies

This month, Fast Company published their list of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, as well as their top ten most innovative companies by industry. If you work at one of the awesome organizations on the list, congratulations. We were thrilled and excited to see a number of Communispace clients recognized as innovation leaders. Here’s a small selection from our customers that made the list:

“For a daring marketing model that redefines the relationship among consumer brands, record companies, and artists.”

“For pioneering some of the most inventive and effective digital marketing that targets a key, if underestimated, demographic: moms.”

“Microsoft wowed with several creations over the past year – a better Bing, the Windows Phone 7 OS – but we’re most impressed by what it destroyed – the old-fashioned remote control … To date, Microsoft has sold at least 8 million Kinect consoles.”

“Does better nutrition require curbing our appetites for Cheetos and Fritos? Not if PepsiCo can help it. The snack food giant recently opened a clinical research center charged with making its products healthier – slashing fat, sugar, and sodium by as much as 25% in the next 10 years – without changing their taste.”

We couldn’t be prouder to work with such a diverse range of companies who are considered innovators through and through. Congratulations to all, and here’s to much more success.

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