What is C Space LIVE?

C Space LIVE is a live stream event hosted by experts that you can join from any location. It’s available exclusively to C Space clients and trusted partners. Each session offers insight into how C Space clients are using a specific methodology, tool or approach to drive business growth and solve business problems from the customer’s perspective. You’ll hear directly from leading experts in customer experience, strategy, research, and marketing, on what it takes to be customer-centric today – and what new approaches they’re taking to drive growth.

Agile began as a nimble approach to software development, valuing people over process and collaboration over planning.

In recent years agile approaches have been expanded to marketing, project management, product development, customer experience, and many other business functions.

Unfortunately, the highest priority of agile principles — satisfying customers — has been largely overlooked in this expansion.

Join us for C Space LIVE to hear how Jessica Bolger, Director, Consumer Insights at Drinkworks, an Anheuser-Busch InBev and Keurig Dr Pepper joint venture, and Evan Gerber, Vice President, Digital Customer Experience and Design at VF Corporation, one of the world’s largest apparel companies including Vans, The North Face, and Timberland – have embedded the customer into agile approaches.

You’ll come away from this session with:

  • The agile state of play — New C Space research revealing how agile is being used across industries, where companies are seeing success, and lessons learned
  • Actionable testimonies — Best practices from expert practitioners on how to combine design, development, and insights in an agile environment to drive business growth
  • The path forward — How to make your agile processes more customer centric, design for the whole customer context, and better meet customer needs

Listen to the event replay below

Like to hear more about how to build a customer-centric agile approach?

By applying agile methods across their business teams, Drinkworks is placing customers at the heart of their iterative product development strategy while accelerating the pace of innovation within a lean organization undergoing explosive growth.”

Jessica Bolger, Director, Consumer Insights, Drinkworks

C Space LIVE:

DraftKings and Monster on the future of customer segmentation