C Space LIVE:

DraftKings and Monster on the future of customer segmentation

What is C Space LIVE?

C Space LIVE is a live stream event hosted by experts that you can join from any location. It’s available exclusively to C Space clients and trusted partners. Each session offers insight into how C Space clients are using a specific methodology, tool or approach to drive business growth and solve business problems from the customer’s perspective. You’ll hear directly from leading experts in customer experience, strategy, research, and marketing, on what it takes to be customer-centric today – and what new approaches they’re taking to drive growth.

This session of C Space LIVE was recorded on February 5, 2020.

Customers are changing faster than most businesses can adapt; existing methods to understand them are buckling under the pressure.

Why isn’t your traditional segmentation working? How can you build a model that will add value and drive growth at your organization? What does it take to create lasting internal buy-in and application?

Join us for C Space LIVE, an expert roundtable you can join from any location.

Hear from Rob Schipul, Sr. Director of CX at Monster and Michael Shonkoff, VP of Marketing at DraftKings, on air Wednesday, February 5th at 12pm EST.

You’ll come away from this session with:

  • The segmentation state of play: New C Space research revealing how segmentations are being used across industries, where organizations are seeing success, and what pitfalls to avoid
  • Actionable testimonies: How DraftKings and Monster are planning to drive business growth through better segmentation
  • A new path forward: A roadmap to ensure you have the right inputs, outputs, and application for your segmentation model in 2020

By applying segmentation to their B2C GTM strategies, Monster has been able to validate that they’re reaching the right people through paid media and engage them with ultra-personal content to support their specific needs within their job search journey.”

Rob Schipul, Senior Director, Customer Experience Management, Monster

By blending transactional data with an understanding of user motivations, DraftKings is building a segmentation to drive more relevant messaging and unlock the potential of its customer base as the digital sports entertainment and online gaming industries continue to evolve.”

Michael Shonkoff, Vice President, Brand and Sports Marketing, Monster