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Or sessions, or project types… call them what you like. These are recipes for delivering incredible projects, and we detail 25 of them here, all the way from Big Talk to Activation Workshop.
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Frame the Problem

Where is the customer in the problem, and how does this relate to the business? Perspective is everything… these techniques help define what is relevant and what is not.
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Make Space

Good things happen in space, and space is made by people. Use them to create an atmosphere of opportunity, play and accomplishment… these techniques help you prepare any group for innovation.
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Build Relationships

Where thoughts and feelings don’t sit on the surface; when opinions are mere echoes of long-forgotten childhood events; when topics are embarrassing, complex, even dangerous… these techniques help you build the right kind of relationship with the people you want to work with.
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Look for Possibility

Turn rooms into construction sites; eliminate barriers to creativity; generate ideas in quantity and quality… these techniques supercharge collaborative exploration, helping you find real solutions that work.
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Create Change

Whether you’re pushing against a wall, or trying to herd frogs, working it until it works is essential but tough… these techniques will help you buy in the people who can get things done.
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