Breg: Customer Experience, Reimagined

“We have worked with lots of consultants, but no one has come in and understood our culture and our processes faster than C Space.”

Vice President of Service Solutions & Customer Experience
Breg, Inc.

Founded: 1989
Category: Medical Device
Product: Orthopedic Bracing
Key Markets: Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific

The Need

To differentiate its offerings in a highly competitive market, Breg, a leader in orthopedic products and services, needed to completely re-invent its customer experience strategy.

How We Cracked It

C Space built a community of clinical and administrative customers and prospects to understand the experiences that customers were having and to co-create solutions to their pain points. After validating these solutions through in-depth interviews, we activated the customer understanding and the concept of customer-centric decision making across the Breg teams top to bottom.

What We Achieved Together

Three strategic directions that incorporated the largest value drivers for customers, with the potential to improve both provider and patient satisfaction and loyalty – and ultimately help move Breg towards the edge it needed in the marketplace.

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