Skillsoft: Adapting the Perspectives Event

“Skillsoft has not only reacted to this crisis with grace but has put their customers’ safety first in a way that will deliver a unique, one-of-a-kind experience in a time when many feel out of control. I am so proud and excited to be a part of this event.”

Sam Rothkopf
Chief Development Officer
C Space

Founded: 1998
Category: Education
Product: E-learning, training and talent development
Key Markets: Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific

The Need

Every year, C Space clients Skillsoft and SumTotal have held a highly respected, well-attended, face-to-face global event for learning, talent and business leaders: Perspectives. But this year, they were suddenly faced with a major problem – COVID-19 – and we’re proud we could help them solve it.

Skillsoft needed a solution quickly. This happened in March, their events were set for May, and an in-person conference was no longer an option. “The safety of our customers and employees is paramount, and we have a responsibility to do what’s best for Perspectives attendees,” said Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek, Skillsoft CMO.

The decision was made to hold a virtual global conference, but as a company that uses intelligent technology and cloud-based content, Skillsoft was determined to produce an absolutely best-in-class experience. They needed to know exactly how to do that – and they needed to do it quickly. They asked C Space to help them in this quick-turn re-imagination.


How We Cracked It

While it’s easy to hit the ground running during these times of change, it’s more important than ever to build in a moment of pause where you set a rock-solid strategy that serves as a guiding light. C Space put together an express package, utilizing a 2-day-long workshop for their clients, and worked with bespoke customer communities to discover what makes a best-in-class live digital experience in 2020, as well as inspirational case studies from other live digital experiences such as Peloton, Apple, The Superbowl, and The Bachelor.

Covering strategy, goals, deadlines and delivery, our design thinking workshop helped Skillsoft build a framework and a structure for their complete ground-up rebuild of the event, including social media tactics, broadcast strategies, promotional concepts and post-event feedback and evaluation, to hit critical success metrics.


What We Achieved Together

The result is a totally reimagined, digital-first event on May 13, beginning first thing in the morning in Sydney, Australia and ending the day in San Francisco. It will consist of 24 hours of live content including head-to-head debates on live topics, keynotes from learning pioneers and actionable solutions to build a culture of learning.

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Chief Development Officer