Customer Inside: A Practitioners Guide to Online Communities

C Space partnered with the Market Research Society (MRS) and 130 client side practitioners to explore & understand how to get the most out of online communities (and the agencies that run them)

Twenty years ago, when C Space pioneered online communities the landscape was unrecognizable from today.

It’s now a given that the businesses that stay closer to customers navigate change better. By hard-wiring the customer into the heart of business decision making, they’re able to anticipate core customer needs.

Yet despite this consensus on the need for customer understanding, it can be challenging to combine an intelligent use of data with an in-depth emotional understanding of customers and translate that into timely action, at scale.

So we created Customer Inside, in partnership with the Market Research Society, the world’s leading research association, and more than 130 industry leaders, as a guide to help buyers make the best possible decisions for their needs.

In this report, industry leaders share best practice, as well as common pitfalls and recommend steps you can take to avoid these pitfalls and offer some future areas of opportunity too. Leaders also share some of the trickier challenges they have grappled with and how they have overcome them, in order to turn challenges into opportunities.

We believe companies should see online communities not just as a tool or a new way of doing existing types of research – but as an opportunity to change the ways they engage; to create something more authentic, more useful and more impactful. An opportunity to bring the customer, and customer insight, inside a business in an unprecedented way.

Progressive insight leaders know that the best online communities help hard-wire the voice of the customer into the heart of the business – and they’re using their communities to drive meaningful strategic change.

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