Customer, Experienced.

The best customer experiences, according to customers

Ignoring customer emotion means missing opportunities…

Customers – the humans who buy stuff – think and feel in different ways than the companies who make stuff. Companies want to know how to sell more, build more, engage more, list more or position more. The process of running a company is functional – on an industrial scale. Customers on the other hand, want to know how they’ll look, how they’ll feel, what they’ll get and what others will think of them.

In traditional research and testing, the functional elements of an experience are easy for customers to recall. They’re also easy for companies to measure, so they’re easier to fix and manage.

But the truth is, these functional elements are the things that every business can measure and manage.

In isolation, measuring and managing functional operations doesn’t offer any competitive advantage. They don’t make any one business stand out.

What’s tough for companies is that emotion and perspective are subjective – making them challenging to measure, manage, and scale. But when companies deliver on these important, intangible benefits, customers reward companies with their trust, loyalty, and good will – and they grow faster than the competition.

At C Space, we have a human-centric method for describing, isolating and measuring the intangible aspects of brand and experience that keep your most loyal customers coming back, and that drive organic growth.

Our Customer Experience framework (CXC) proves that companies with stronger relationships out-perform their competition. We use this proprietary framework to identify the functional and emotional opportunity areas that drive tangible brand relevance. Validated and benchmarked across 7 years of research – 150,000 consumers rating over 1,000 companies representing 18 industries – our CXC framework can help you diagnose the strength and quality of your customer relationships…

Through our Customer Lifetime Value modelling, we’re able to identify the customer segments with the greatest growth potential over time, and help your business make informed investment decisions, that maximize growth and minimize risk.

Stronger relationships result in stronger brands

Our clients understand short term relevance drives long term endurance. Relevant brands endure and grow because they have a strong presence; they’re more trusted; and they build much stronger affinity with their customers, over time. Put another way, these companies build and maintain stronger relationships.

Think of a brand, product or service that’s relevant to you, in your life; you’ll know it, you’ll need it, you’ll like it – you’ll be loyal to it & you’ll keep using it… Maybe you’ll even advocate for it.

What’s your relationship status?

Think about the relationship your customers have with your company

Our company has better “customer intuition” than our competitors


Our customers trust us – we are on their side


Our customers feel like we’re "in their corner" – we have their back


Our customers feel proud to choose our company


Our company “speaks customers’ language” (we talk in terms that are meaningful to them)


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Customer, Experienced

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