Thank you for your feedback. We heard it loud and clear.

We know that many of you were interested in seeing the results of the C Space 2018 feedback survey.

Topline Results

We sent the survey to all of our community members, and received feedback from almost 5,000 members.

The 3 lucky prize winners who each won the equivalent of £1000 in cash have been notified.  They are: Pratik A. on the Philips Pulse community,  Bernardo V. on the Nestle Creative Kitchen community and Carol A. on the Body Shop Confidentes community.  Congratulations to the three of you!

The feedback from the survey overall was very positive and we hope that you are having an equally positive experience on our community.

Participation by Gender


Men 1846


Women 2767


Other 4

Participation by Age

  • 0-17 1%
  • 18-24 6%
  • 25-34 26%
  • 35-44 28%
  • 45-54 20%
  • 55-64 12%
  • 65+ 7%

Participation Across the Globe

Devices used


Laptop (work)


Laptop (home)


Desktop (work)


Desktop (home)


Mobile Phone





What do people enjoy most?

  • Improve brand/product 91%
  • Learning new things 91%
  • Subject matter 91%
  • Rewards 80%
  • Meeting/Interacting 74%
  • Networking 59%

What activities do people enjoy most?

  • Survey 89%
  • Quick Poll 88%
  • Discussion 84%
  • Think Fast 70%
  • Journey 57%
  • Idea Cloud 52%
  • Live Text Chat 50%
  • On-the.go 44%
  • Live Video Chat 33%

How easy do people find the community to use?

  • Very easy 45%
  • Quite easy 42%
  • Neither easy nor difficult 8%
  • Quite difficult 3%
  • Very difficult 0,2%
  • Don’t use 2%

Our response to member queries

  • Very good 42%
  • Good 41%
  • Neither good nor poor 11%
  • Poor 3%
  • Very poor 2%

How do we compare to our competitors?


C Space better (Net)


C Space about the same


C Space worse

Do members feel closer to the brand they’re helping?


Don't know brand





What we are doing as a result of your feedback!

New Features

If you’ve logged in since the beginning of July 2018, you will have noticed some major visual changes to the home page.  We’ve updated the navigation based on your feedback and have made significant changes to the site design too. These design changes hope to bring the mobile and desktop experiences closer together and give you a more engaging experience on the community by removing clutter. This is the first step: there are more developments in the pipeline, coming soon!

Live activity is being trialled: this will enable us to run real-time research, enhancing our previous Text Chat capability.

  • We are continuing to add optimisations to our app, to improve the speed.
  • We have taken on your feedback to improve the FAQ/ Help Section of the communities. These will be updated accordingly.

Some of you requested features or tools that we already have place, such as…

  • Being able to see which discussions you have/haven’t already taken part in. There is a tag that shows on the Title of the discussion to say if you have done so already.
  • Our communities have a push notification functionality, so that you do not miss out when new activities go live.
Thank you again for your input and for contributing to our survey, which we plan to run year on year.  We hope you’re as pleased with and excited for the new features as we are, and that you continue to enjoy your time on your C Space community!