Four Principles for engaging your customers, when you can’t meet them face to face

Making work work.

Kathryn Blanshard

Managing Director, London

We’ve pulled together some tips for our teams who are transforming their face-to-face sessions into remote experiences. We’re sharing them with you now in case they provide some inspiration or make your session a little more successful:


  1. Focus on building relationships: Allow space, time and permission for people to open up. For example, use exercises specifically designed for this purpose. We recommend Me & My Background – an exercise where participants describe their surroundings in detail… Relationships are the source of results so dedicate time to making them.
  2. Pre-record stimulus: Create a video to showcase the platforms or stimulus you want to share. This means the stimulus presented is consistent, and ensures stakeholders are comfortable with how it’ll be presented ahead of the session… It means everyone’s aligned and you can focus on the getting the most out of the time with participants.
  3. Use voting techniques: If you can, use voting techniques to quickly gauge sentiment and prioritise where to spend time (with the added bonus of gamifying the experience for participants)… This means you can focus on getting deeper rather than ‘reading the room’.
  4. Session afterlife: Set a post-event task to allow space for reflection and ideas after the session. You’d naturally gather for conversation at the end of an in-person session and it’s an important part of processing the day… Create that moment intentionally after your digital experience to reap the same benefits.

We used these techniques when we ran one of our signature Big Talks over Webex with clients and customers in Milan last week. We just had just 3-days to pivot our plans from a 100 person co-creation workshop to a digital experience. Using the above techniques we left with happy clients and some great, actionable insights.

Let us know if you find these useful?

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