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Gen Z

From A to Gen Z

Who is “Generation Z”?

At 2 billion strong worldwide (and growing), they’re the most complex, tech-enabled, fragmented, skeptical, and socially savvy group the world has ever seen.

But to them? They’re not a group. They’re not even a generation. They’re just them. They value authenticity. They’re leery of advertising. They adapt to change. And they do it all on their terms.

Brands: pay close attention. Gen Z does not care about you … unless you fit seamlessly into their lives and connect them to the things they care about most.

But, Gen Z is growing up fast, with or without you.

At C Space, we help the world’s best-known brands create new value from the inspiration of their customers.

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C Space can help you grow with your next generation of customers.

  • Uncover new trends and behaviors before they emerge

  • Collect real-time customer feedback to check ideas fast and adapt to change even faster

  • Synthesize and socialize real human stories to build broad, empathetic understanding across the business

  • Build, test, refine, and launch new products and experiences with customers

  • Sharpen marketing messaging and advertising to cut through the noise

  • Inspire senior leadership to think and act through the eyes of the next generation

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