A learning culture like no other


We think of ourselves as agents of the customer

We are disrupting the research, advertising and consultancy spaces by bringing the customer from the Outside In to the centre of business decision making. So as you can imagine, we’re looking for a special type of person to join us on our mission.

We are looking for collaborators. Creative problem solvers. Diverse self-starters. People with a point of view, who are humble enough to listen to others. People who believe in our mission and are passionate about growth and solving big problems for clients. We actively hire people with a growth mindset, a willingness to embrace change and ambiguity, a desire to push and be pushed to grow and develop.

If you’re self-aware and see yourself as a ‘work in progress’, you’re probably one of us.

Diversity breeds creativity

A culture full of diverse perspectives helps us see the world in a different way and sharpen our thinking

We reward brilliant thinking

We regularly celebrate individuals and teams who deliver awesome work, create the most impact for our clients, and embody our core values and behaviors

We celebrate our passions

Think rock bands, free yoga, run clubs and variety shows. Each one of our regions has a dedicated culture clubs who provide our people with a whole host of reasons to come together & celebrate outside of the day-to day

Time to recharge

We all need to take a break. Vacation time, maternity and paternity leave, personal and volunteer days, sick leave – we know that time away supports better time on the job.

We support entrepreneurial ideas

We back the entrepreneurial ideas that come from our own employees, regardless of seniority. Right now, we have more than a dozen incubator units, innovating & driving new ideas across the business.

See the world

We created C Space BnB, so that our employees can experience life in other offices, without having to pay for flights or accommodation

We care for our people

We have a generous benefit programs covering health, retirement, insurance, professional services and flexible working environments. Because you – and your family – matter most.

We're committed to growing talent from within

80% of our global executive team has been promoted to the board. Regionally, more than 60% of our management teams started their careers a C Space on the shop floor.


We’re on a mission to make business more human…

We believe that this challenge begins with us – so we aim to act more human too, as colleagues and as a business.

At the heart of being human is a drive to learn, grow, change and adapt. So, our mission keeps us restless, it keeps us humble and it keeps us honest about what we need to do better.

Fostering this learning culture means we prize a growth mindset and we provide unparalleled opportunities for personal growth.

From the world-famous clients we collaborate with, to fostering diverse perspectives, to our internal university and personal development fund – we have created a learning culture that pushes us to be at our very best.


What kinds of roles does a Customer Agency offer?

Vice President, Service Innovation + Solution Design, Boston

Fresh from college, with a degree in Industrial Design, Aidan’s plan was to become a furniture designer. After interning at various design consultancies, he recognized the huge gap between the industry and their customers, noticing just how powerful the customer voice can be when you’re faced with a business challenge.

Aidan made the move into the customer insight industry and he’s never looked back. He was working for Bose, a C Space client, before he switched to agency side to co-found what’s now known as the Customer Strategy and Experience Team.

Aidan has worked with some fantastic clients including Monster and McDonald’s. He brings unrivaled finesse and structure to his work, specializing in synthesis and framework development. There is rarely a client challenge that Aidan can’t contextualize and weave into a coherent strategy.

“From day one I was doing things I’d never done before – from running focus groups with teens in a trampoline park, to piloting new research technologies, to understanding customer reactions to a major soft drink rebrand.”
Director of Data & Analytics, London

Justine heads up our Data & Analytics team in EMEA. She began her career as a data analyst in clinical psychology research but pretty quickly realized there was more to data than academic measures of long term impact. So she went to business school and focused on using data as a mechanism for innovation and organizational change. She’s since mastered the art of integrating data into decision-making and using it to amplify the customer voice.

Justine has had incredible success driving real change in businesses including Chanel, Dropbox, Net-A-Porter and Intel. Her cross-functional experience makes her a perfect translator connecting industries and teams with data.

In her first year at C Space, Justine worked on projects for incredible brands and appeared twice on BBC News. A true leader, Justine’s passion lies in creating opportunities for colleagues. She co-founded the London chapter of Women In Innovation and has plans to introduce C Space to the amazing work they do.

“A major key to our success is our leadership’s philosophy – they work collaboratively to create an ambitious vision, set clear goals for teams to achieve, and give people the autonomy they need to deliver.”
Chief Development Officer, Boston

Sam  leads our strategy consulting practice, selling and delivering our most complex engagements (having started her career a while back as a secret shopper!).

Her team leverages robust, multi-method customer understanding to define customer experiences and strategies that strengthen engagement, support organizational change, and drive business growth.

Sam has worked with clients such as McDonald’s, Bose and Sky Zone to improve their customer experience and embed consumers into their development processes. She is also responsible for C Space’s internal service innovation, uncovering and piloting new services to be added to our future product road map.

“C Space has allowed me to be in the room with some of the most foremost innovative leaders in the industry, and workshop with consumers from all walks of life. That being said, my true aspiration is to be home often enough to be a dog mom.”
Director of Learning, Boston

With 12 years in the world of Higher Education, where she focused on continuing adult learners and serving underrepresented populations in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), Leah made a career leap to C Space and now heads up Learning and Development across our Boston, San Francisco and New York offices.

Leah is passionate about building a true culture of learning at C Space. In her first year with us she reinvigorated new employee orientation, set up our a Speaker Series to bring inspiring outside perspectives to C Spacers and launched a new Learning Management System. She’s also passionate about building a more diverse and inclusive business and co-founded the C Space Allies Group.

She’s a self-confessed thrill seeker, so after being awarded her Doctorate in Education, she’s been having some fun, including the annual Southie polar bear plunge and experimenting with aerial yoga.

“I feel like I’ve been empowered to really make an impact here. In my first month, I introduced our “new hire, 90 day pitch” where employees lead a conversation with managers after completing their first three months. Their feedback has been incredibly valuable as we shape the learning environment at C Space.”
Senior Consultant, London

Dani’s journey to C Space began when he was working for pharma giants Sanofi and Merck in Madrid. Part of Dani’s role on a project involved having direct conversations with ‘real’ patients. His hunt for true customer insight began and led him straight to us.

Three years later, Dani is a Senior Solutions Consultant on our Growth Team in London. Dani’s biggest strengths are questioning and listening, making him an exceptional salesman and the perfect collaborator. Dani’s role involves him leveraging expertise within the business, approaching the correct people and empowering them to be build effective solutions to our clients’ challenges. He’s won business from some of our most exciting EMEA clients, and his success doesn’t stop there. Dani is the unrivaled champion in the hopping race at our annual Sports Day!

“I love how much we continue to encourage a culture of feedback. It’s helped us make this an even better place to learn and develop.”

Our global values inform our actions and build our culture

Our values are designed to drive action. Everyone at C Space aspires to live our values and we embody them in everything we do – from the work to the ways we interact with each other (and our clients too), to the people we hire. We hold each other accountable – and celebrate individual achievements too.

I Got This

Tell It Like It Is

Do What Scares You

Open Up & Listen

Put We Before Me

Show The Love

Find What Fascinates

Only Accept Awesome

Leave Your Mark