Keep It Moving: Timing is Everything, Pt. 3 – Tips for Success

The world is changing, and with that comes pressure on businesses to respond faster. To support our clients, we’re sharing the most valuable learnings from The Better Why: a report for insights leaders and customer activists.

Skills and Team

  • Set qualification criteria with your team. While every internal request is important, successful insight teams are best at qualifying and managing lower priority requests, either by finding quick solves or turning them down. They keep resource focused on the business-critical requests and meet timelines.
  • One quick solve is pointing stakeholders to past work. We have so much knowledge already, start projects by looking at past work to answer a different question. Leveraging past intelligence can help you move quickly.
  • Develop cross functional project teams where research/insights leads are embedded into holistic projects, not just parts and pieces. When these research leads are less experienced, equip and coach them to defend insights in the room, or risk being relegated to validators.


Tech and Tools

  • Consider easy-to-use tools that allow business partners to run their own research for quick and low risk decision making. Make it easy for them to get into the work so you can focus on de-risking the more strategic business decisions!
  • Have your most important audiences at the ready: online communities are still a tried and true method for quick collaboration with customers. Front-loading recruitment shortens projects by weeks, while keeping participants engaged delivers faster responses and richer insight. Doing this over time fosters an outside-in mentality.
  • Don’t lose the customer voice in your need for speed, there are many ways to keep customers involved in your agile process.


External Partners

  • Pick your trusted partners and develop a flexible work budget with them to speed up processes and get to the good stuff, fast.
  • Make your partners part of the team, and demand they do the same. Treating agency partners as extensions of your internal insights function and letting them get close to your business will help them bring forward ideas and work quickly when you need it.


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