Saying “Hallo” to C Space Germany! 

What’s the latest?

We’re thrilled to announce that we are opening a new office in Cologne, Germany. Building on our existing presence in Boston, London, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo and Mexico City. Heading up the team is Nia Evans, and we also welcome Nadja Bayraktar, as Commercial Director.

Growing our regional presence in Europe will fuel the value and impact we can create through our ongoing collaboration with clients, consumers and partners in the German market and the wider Central and Eastern European region.

Why does this matter?

C Space has helped clients across the world to unlock deeper human truths, uncover hidden pockets of growth and outperform their competition. Our unique ability to unlock opportunities by strengthening the relationship between brands and their customers has never been more relevant. In a world that feels more complex and uncertain, a lasting competitive edge will come from fostering real empathy with customers. And this starts with deeper understanding, stronger relationships, and real, human connections.

We’re extending our footprint because we believe that while distance is less of an obstacle, being closer is game changing.

Here’s what difference it will make:

1. Cultural closeness fuels our mission to involve the customer

But what matters most is how you engage people and facilitate groups. And that your approach adapts to the individual, to occasions, and to context. Being in the region means we will have more people in our team with the cultural context to do this best.

We believe in a more progressive way of doing business; to involve people (customer, consumer, patient, user, employee, citizen…) in decisions, and to create with, rather than for. Practically – this is done through co-creation workshops, customer closeness programmes, or private online communities (and so on).

“In a world of constant disruption, we’ve proven that the relationship that a company has with its customers is one of its few remaining competitive advantages. Why then do companies treat customers as “respondents” or “subjects” or “data points”?  At C Space we have changed the world of insight by treating customers as partners, enabling us to deliver better insight, faster and helping our clients keep their companies relevant.”

Jessica DeVlieger


2. Relationships are the source of results

It’s a mantra that’s underpinned our practice for over 20 years. It’s why we pioneered online communities 20 years ago; to bring customers into business decisions in a more agile, seamless way. It’s why we partner closely with our sister agency, Interbrand, to drive iconic moves for common clients. It’s why we work on an ongoing basis, and over the long term (for some, 10 years+), with most of our clients.

However, we know that relationships are built over time, and through what you do, not just what you say. Relationships grow from great conversations, active listening, and reading between the lines. And sometimes, it helps to be in the same space – physically and culturally. Put simply, being closer will enable us to build stronger relationships with partners, clients, and consumers in the region.

“The expansion of C Space comes at a time where an increasing number of companies in CEE is reviewing their classical ‘research-driven’ approach for customer understanding in favour of more direct & agile ways to drive true customer involvement throughout their organisations. We have already successfully collaborated with C Space on this over the last 3 years and are looking forward to now further accelerating this with a team on the ground.

Simon Thun


3. Diversity drives breakthroughs

We believe in the power of diverse groups to fuel breakthrough creativity. It’s why we created ‘SHAPE’ Omnicom’s first Open Innovation platform; to bring together minds across the Omnicom network to ideate around brands’ toughest challenges. It’s why we invented ‘Big Talks’; to create collaborative experiences within large groups that inspire change.

And we practice what we preach – we know that bringing a new region, new voices and new experiences into our business will challenge our assumptions, broaden our perspectives, and bring new inspiration. This will fuel innovation in our practice and methods – and mean we bring more powerful and relevant solutions to our clients.

C Space has twenty years’ experience co-creating the future with global brands and their customers. We work in multiple markets, helping clients deeply understand their customers to create an emotional connection to their products and innovations. Entering the German market allows us to capitalise on latent demand here and, critically, it allows our clients to ask more of us – to evolve to meet the changing needs of their businesses and increase the impact that our work can have to help them grow.

Nia Evans


C Space’s growing local footprint will build the value and impact of our collaboration with partners, clients, and consumers. It will enable us to combine the scale and reach of a global business, with the speed and nuance of a regional one. To ensure that in world that gives us ample opportunity to ‘connect’ through the click of a button, we don’t lose the connections that matter. 

To hear more about our regional offer, get in touch!

Nia Evans
Head of C Space CEE
[email protected]

Nadja Bayraktar
Commercial Director
[email protected]

Laurent Manes-Murphy
General Manager, New Markets
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