Demographic Questions in the Age of DEI

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June 16, 2022

12pm ET

#Wearehere because we believe in each other and that not one of us is above the other

We are not (an)other…

Not an other

in name, in culture, in identity

Not another

person who doesn’t feel seen

Not another

response that relegates people to the fringes

Not another

moment of being forced to choose one in the reality of many

Join C Space’s DEI team for a webinar on re-imagining the standard demographic questions on race/ethnicity, gender, and sexuality.

There’s a lot of research these days that focuses on multicultural and underrepresented groups. Events over the last 2 years have in some cases widened the aperture of the research subject: whether it’s the audience or topic, or somewhere in between. But while the ‘who’ and ‘what’ of research changes, the ‘how’ must evolve alongside it or risk rendering its data obsolete.

How do we ensure that screening questions on demographics best represent and serve both our audiences and ourselves as researchers and marketers?

In this session, we’ll discuss methodology, impact, and allow opportunity for questions and discussion before we conclude. We welcome attendees from all parts of the research pipeline: from researcher, to marketer, to end client and stakeholder.

Meet the speakers

Yvonne Green

Associate Director, C Space

Jocelyn Drasher

Director, C Space

Kisha Payton

VP, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, C Space

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