We build the world’s most relevant brands, by unlocking the power of human relationships.

How we do it

Cultures shift, context changes, and expectations evolve. At C Space, we help our clients build relevance, now and in the future.

We partner with advocates of the customer: from insight leaders and experience directors, to innovators and analysts.

Our clients understand short-term relevance drives long-term endurance. Relevant brands endure and grow because they have a strong presence, they are more trusted and they build much stronger affinity with their customers over time. Put another way, when you think of a brand, product or service that’s relevant to you in your life, you know it, need it and like it. You’ll be loyal to it and keep using it. Maybe you’ll even advocate for it.

Depth, empathy, transparency, vulnerability and honesty are built into everything we do – making business more human. We build meaningful relationships with our clients’ customers (and their future customers, too) in order to drive commercial relevance. Our relationships are built on the foundation of presence and trust: we’re with people in the moments that matter, every single day. And through these deeper, long-term relationships, we’re in a unique position to master the messy, to unlock deeper human truths and uncover hidden pockets of growth.

Immediate, mid and longer term, we put these relationships to the service of our clients’ objectives and needs in ways that maximize opportunity and reduce risk. The power of relationships can be harnessed to achieve a variety of different results inside and outside our clients’ businesses.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve engaged over 500,000 customers in 20 languages across 92 countries. We have offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Our people speak over 30 languages, and 85% of our community ecosystems operate across more than one market.

We help our clients become more relevant in 4x ways:

The What


Customer strategy and experience

Figure out the right long-term audience, pinpoint their needs and identify room for relationship growth

The How

Our Customer Experience framework (CXC) proves that companies with stronger relationships out-perform their competition. We use this proprietary framework to identify the functional and emotional opportunity areas that drive tangible brand relevance.

We combine our rich and deep qualitative insights with advanced quantitative data and analytics capabilities to make sure our insights are statistically valid and concepts and ideas can scale.

Through our Customer Lifetime Value modeling, we’re able to identify the customer segments with the greatest growth potential over time and help your business make informed investment decisions that maximize growth and minimize risk.

Utilizing robust quantitative validation, we give our clients confidence that the deep consumer needs we identify represent a widespread opportunity.

The What


Insights, intuition and customer closeness

Ongoing engagement with customers to develop insight, understanding and empathy (informed by your customer strategy)

The How

When we set out, we defined the customer community category – and we’ve spent more than 20 years setting the pace, reinventing the tools and pushing the boundaries.

Our communities allow you to access diverse opinions from audiences that matter at scale, ensuring your end result is relevant to the people they serve. We gather insight on an ongoing basis throughout the development process of your project, helping you to create more relevant products, services, experiences and brands rooted in deep consumer understanding.

Last year, we collected over 96,000 unique contributions from customers – as written responses, video uploads and photographic moments. Right now, we’re running over 270 online communities, and more than 85% of our community ecosystems operate in more than one language across more than one market.

The What


Foresight and innovation

Take your experience to the next level by co-creating with trailblazers, customers, experts and stakeholders

The How

Tackling ‘future of…’ questions for the world’s best brands – new airports, sustainable snacks, connected retail, iconic travel experiences – is C Space on our best day.

We’ve been pioneering co-creation for over 20 years and know how to bring together diverse audiences to create meaningful encounters that lead to breakthrough ideas and challenge built-in assumptions. Ultimately, we unlock customer passion to make your thinking braver.

We love to go where the action is, so we do it in art galleries, plane fuselages, gardens and, of course, in virtual collaboration spaces. We draw inspiration from parallel worlds, stage expert events and safaris and work with you to build concepts for the future that we stress-test, evolve and iterate with customers.

The What


Storytelling, activation and culture

Help create more customer-centric organizations by embedding the customer in everything you do

The How

Insights and ideas are cheap; acting on them is the hard part. We’ve embedded storytelling practices in all our work, to help build empathy and confidence in our recommendations and solutions.

We obsess about ‘making it real’ – creating belief by blending evidence, visualisation, prototyping and social content to infuse customer thinking and empathy into existing business tools and channels.

But that’s just the start. We also train our clients in storytelling, innovation and insight. We build physical and digital toolkits to help marketing, CX, UX and innovation teams. And we run internal programmes to activate it all.

C Space Way

Our unique approach enables us to solve business problems from a more human perspective:

Frame The Problem

Perspective is everything. We reframe the commercial challenge by considering the issue from the customer’s point of view – to define the intersection between people and profits.

Make Space

Everyone can be creative. We give people the tools, permission, and environment to play and problem solve.

Build Relationships

Perspective is everything. Relationships are the source of results. We go beyond the transactional to get at the magic ingredient that changes everything – the connections between people.

Look for Possibility

Breakthroughs come from unreasonable requests. We apply and remove constraints to get at the unsaid deeper human needs that could be better met.

Create Change

Collaboration builds belief. We bring together agencies, experts, customers and companies to create buy-in for new ideas.

What makes C Space different? What’s our secret sauce?

We build meaningful relationships to unlock deeper human truths

We understand that real people, are just a little bit… messy. Depth, empathy, transparency, vulnerability and honesty are built into everything we do – making business more human.

Our iterative approach allows us to re-visit discussions and decisions over time – allowing us to uncover a more complete picture and build more robust recommendations.

Our holistic approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion helps ensure that diverse voices are engaged in all the right ways to get to new ideas and to ensure solutions are representative of your customer opportunity.

We help change what our clients do, not just what they know.

Anyone can create insight – but insight without change isn’t valuable. It doesn’t get seen, doesn’t get heard, and doesn’t get acted upon. We know that landing an insight, so that it creates genuine business change, is as important as coming up with it in the first place. It’s why we bring creative storytelling capabilities into every aspect of our work.

By bringing insight into the organization in disruptive and interactive ways, we build the confidence to act. And the ambition to be braver.

Co-creation means imagining the future with your customers not for them; it’s just a better way of building brands.