Jennifer, 57, Undecided

6 Jun, 2017

I am absolutely terrified to be honest.

I spend a lot of time at the hospital, dealing with one illness or another. On Monday I waited to see the doctor. Not in the waiting room, but in the corridor. There were so many people – the nurses had to turn visitors away to make space. The longer I sat there, the more scared I got. I don’t know what’s going to come out of their [Conservatives’] mouths now. Am I to pay for treatment I’m receiving? So I am worried that I voted for Teresa May. If I could move my legs, I would kick myself.

This is not a caring country any more. And now we’re paying the price – we can’t afford to heat our homes. And now they’ve taxed our pension, we can’t afford to eat sometimes. So it is a hell of a thing, to try and get one party in that will deal with all of the issues that need dealing with; especially the money for elderly people’s care. If my neighbour’s house caught on fire, he couldn’t get out. Even nurses are too stressed to give care. Once, you could feel the compassion from doctors, now I can’t get an appointment for three weeks.

When I read the Tory manifesto on social care, I was really, really angry. I wanted to scream at them. But I don’t even want labour to get in – they’re just as bad. None of them believe their own manifestos. Why are we forced to elect one of them, only to be stabbed in the back?

I believe you should work hard, bring your children up properly and live by the law. We should have respect for our elderly, our teachers. Politicians don’t treat us with respect; they live in a different world. My daughter emigrated to Canada, I’m glad she got out in time.

I’m not sure who is the right person to take us through Brexit but I know they scaremongered us. All the things they said would happen didn’t happen. They said we would be at war, they said our economy would suffer. Well our economy has recovered. But our baked beans still don’t taste like they used to. Neither do our cornflakes.

Divided nations?

Divided nations?

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