Laura, 23, Undecided

7 Jun, 2017

I don’t even know who our local MP is; I think he’s conservative. I know that half the people love him, half think he’s a prat. He’s a nice bloke, quite smiley, but he takes an awful photo!

I started off this election thinking I’d vote conservative, I’ve always liked Teresa May – they called her a “stubborn bloody woman”.

But I didn’t like her vote on fox hunting at all. She says that she’s just allowing people to vote again on it – but, people are so passionate, she knows exactly which way its going to go. And I really didn’t like her dementia tax. My granddad was in a care home for three years at £700 per week. I’m not an idealist, I know that we work for the future and that we will have to use some of our assets eventually – but she’s not even saying what the cap is. She’s a closed curtain about it.

I do like her, she’s a good leader. She’s made mistakes but she came in at a difficult time… Yet every time you see her she looks like a rabbit in headlights, bless her. But JC comes off as strong and assertive. His answers are good – he knows what he wants to say.

I think the media has played a big part in the change – they’ve twisted things. It’s sad – but people don’t read the manifesto. They reported that she’s going to cut school meals – but didn’t mention the breakfasts she’s going to bring in. No one heard that bit.  I never miss Newsbeat and my mum reads The Sun – mainly because it’s cheap – they seem anti Conservative. Then there’s Facebook. I think people are scared to comment in case they get into a debate. It’s intimidating. People are scared that they’ll make a mistake or meet someone with a different view and be made to feel silly. Anonymous forums are good. Writing – being behind a keyboard – feels safer.

Now I’m about 90% sure I’ll vote for Labour. Mainly because they’ve said they’ll abolish zero hours contracts and raise the minimum wage. It’s embarrassing having to go to your boss to ask for a pay rise. My dad’s on a zero hours contract. I worry my head off about him every week. Is he going to get enough hours? If they could give him 16 hours a week he could get help with his housing. But it’s so unpredictable – some weeks he gets 90 hrs. Some weeks he gets 9.

Maybe I’m voting for my dad more than myself… Yes. This is a vote for him.

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