21st Century Market Research

Advances in social media, the empowerment of everyday consumers, and the need for more actionable insights fuel a mandate for market research to do more, faster. But the use of social media-driven research also fuels the quality debate that’s been raging for years, creating worries about declining response rates, questionable respondents, sample size, and projectability. Market researchers need to consider and address these legitimate concerns, while also recognizing the ways in which online, social, community-based research can actually strengthen validity and enhance quality.

This paper sets out to collaboratively build a foundation for a 21st Century understanding of market research—what it can accomplish and how. We seek to pose some provocative questions, offer some initial thinking, and engage the industry as a whole in an ongoing conversation about how to embrace the blurred boundaries between marketing and market research, and activate the ability to quickly garner and act on customer insight.

Manila Austin, Ph.D., VP of Research, C Space
Julie Wittes Schlack, SVP of Innovation, C Space

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