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JetBlue: Inspiring Humanity in Travel

JetBlue is one of those rare companies that customers simply love. Jamie Perry, Vice President of Marketing at JetBlue, explains how the company does it through a mission of “Inspiring Humanity” – creating a better flying experience that’s accessible to all.

Open for progress

The diversity of London’s people has built it into a world capital. Open innovation, or OI, works on a similar principle. The best ideas can be found beyond an organisation’s four walls, finding better solutions by engaging a diverse range of experts.

Provocations from Act Don’t Act

Our new, immersive and co-creative experience brought consumers and brands together to discuss possibilities, worries and uncertainties based around 3 key consumer concerns. Control, Trust, Community.

Winter is coming

How are consumers’ relationships with their money evolving?
What is the impact of uncertainty on consumer buying behaviour?
How can brands plan for periods of uncertainty?

Big Data: “A Fishing Expedition on Steroids”

Michael Solomon, Professor of Marketing at Saint Joseph’s University, explains why marketing isn’t just about finding data patterns and segmentation. It’s about emotions, feelings, and connecting with the human mind.

The Second Pint

When it comes to our health, what drives our need for online social engagement? How can brands connect with us more effectively?

Game of Trolls

How can I scale human-ness?

What parameters can I use to guide relationships with consumers?

What should I prioritise when it comes to customer experience?

Act. Don’t Act.

A new immersive and co-creative experience from C Space in partnership with Porter Novelli and Coney

Hotel Loyalty is About the Experience, Not the Points

With 10 million loyalty members spanning 76 countries around the world, Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) is a force in the hospitality industry. CEO Christopher Hartley discusses GHA’s collaborative approach to building loyalty and a different kind of guest experience.

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