Chobani: ‘Never Market the Middle’

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More than a decade ago, Hamdi Ulukaya, Chobani’s founder and CEO, took out a loan to buy an old food factory. At the time, nobody predicted that he was about to start a Greek yogurt revolution. But he did. Greek yogurt today accounts for more than 50% of all yogurt sold in the U.S. Chobani remains one of the most successful CPG companies in the grocery aisle. It’s privately owned and growing at an unprecedented pace. Peter McGuinness, Chief Demand Officer at Chobani, explains the brand’s success and why it’s not just about yogurt, but about the purpose and authenticity.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • The origin story of the Chobani brand
  • Why taking a stand on social issues is an advantage that outweighs the risk of alienating some
  • Ways his team understands the real world of customers
  • How Chobani’s not-for-profit incubator helps startups and food tech make natural food more accessible for more people