Customer Quotient: US Automotive Report

What draws people to choose an automotive brand? Is it price? Extended warranties? Superior service? Or something else entirely?

Using the Customer Quotient™(CQ) framework, which analyzes and measures the nature of the customer-company relationship from the customer’s perspective, we turned to more than 1,500 US drivers to get their take.

What we discovered may surprise you: most people are drawn to an auto brand for highly personal reasons that have little to do with the car itself. Read this report to understand:

What top-performing auto brands like Subaru, Tesla, and Lexus are doing right to win customers’ hearts, loyalty, and dollars
Specific areas in which car companies perform best, and areas where they can improve and strengthen their relationship with customers
Techniques and questions to ask yourself to become a more customer-focused auto brand

Katrina Lerman, Associate Director, Research, C Space
Arjun Chawla, Associate Director, C Space

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