Customer Quotient: US Airline Report

In the airline industry, comfort and service can feel like afterthoughts. But there are some airlines that manage to delight and deliver an amazing experience. We used our Customer Quotient™ (CQ™) model – which identifies strong relationship behaviors in brands – to evaluate major US airlines from customers’ perspectives.

Read this report to understand:

Why delivering outstanding service and value, though critical, are just the minimum requirements in creating a memorable flying experience and building customer loyalty
The “intangible” emotion-driven brand qualities that truly matter to customers, and why
Why it is equally important for airlines to be both more automated and more human
What carriers like Alaska Airlines and Southwest are doing right to win favor with flyers, as well as what some carriers are doing wrong
Why building loyalty with airline customers is a two-way street that demands more than bonus miles and online discounts

Katrina Lerman, Associate Director, Research, C Space

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