Gen Z & the Future of Mobility

Gen Z is diverse, connected, and mobile. Which begs the question: What does Gen Z want from their mobility experience? And how would they make it better?

To find out, we brought together dozens of Gen Zers and execs from brands like Bose and Converse for a day of exploration, possibility, and fun. (We defined “mobility” as anywhere you go, anything you take with you, and how you get there.) Throughout the day we pushed everyone to step outside their comfort zones, make connections, and offer their best ideas. Our Gen Z participants spoke with passion and clarity, and brand execs were wowed by what they learned working alongside the next generation of consumers.

Read this report to get a glimpse into our day and what we learned. You’ll see how everyone worked together, and you’ll discover a few insights that might inspire you to better understand, connect with, and design for the next generation.

Bill Alberti, Chief Client Officer, C Space
Sam Rothkopf, Vice President, Product Innovation, C Space
Jenn Mason, Associate Director, Design and Innovation, C Space

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