Gen Z & the Future of Money

We invited a group of 27 Gen Zers, ages 13 to 20, and six executives from the banking, retail, electronics, and apparel industries, to participate in a full-day interactive session, Gen Z and the Future of Money. The goals for the day were to explore how this generation spends, manages, and saves their money, and to get their ideas on how to make spending and saving easier, faster, and more relevant to their lives. But the biggest goal of all? Getting execs to work side-by-side with Gen Zers to get a glimmer of inspiration and kick start new ways of thinking about the future of their brands.

Gen Z participants were specific and articulate, equal parts skepticism for the past and optimism for the future, which, as our group made clear, they are eager to create.

Download this trendspotting report to read what more about what we experienced and learned from bringing brands and their customers together.

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