Customer Quotient: Grocery Report

More than almost any other industry, grocery and food retailers are best-positioned to drive customer loyalty by building strong relationships with customers, and reap the rewards of doing so. Because, in an industry where you’re selling products that people put into their bodies, that have an impact on how people feel, how they care for and are perceived by others, customer understanding and intuition is hugely important.

But not all grocery retailers have this intuitive understanding. And, not all shoppers feel that certain supermarkets really “get” them as customers. The result is dwindling loyalty that leaves shoppers with an overall feeling that the grocery store cares more about profits than people.

This study of more than 500 U.S. consumers used C Space’s Customer Quotient™ (CQ™) to assess the strength of the relationship between leading grocery retailers and shoppers. It analyzes consumers’ perceptions of and attitudes towards food retailers — how they feel and what they care about most when shopping for groceries.

Read this study to learn:

Which grocery retailers consumers rank highest and lowest with respect to how well each brand “gets” its shoppers
The attributes of strong and durable customer-company relationships, and the qualities that drive shopper loyalty
What all grocery store retailers can learn from Trader Joe’s, Costco, and Shaw’s

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