LSE Enterprise Co-creation: New pathways to value

What if we truly believed that…

  1. We are all creative
  2. Breakthroughs come from unreasonable requests
  3. The real source of results is relationships

At C Space we do. We also think that these axioms support the
emergence of co-creation as a new approach to innovation and
customer involvement.

But we’ve noticed that co-creation as a term is used fairly
indiscriminately and that, if anything, there’s a strong whiff
of scepticism in the air. That’s why we asked LSE Enterprise to
take a look at what’s been written on the subject and help
trace the origins and future of co-creation.

We think that co-creation is hard to ignore because,
under the right conditions, it helps companies build value
and reduce risk, in areas including strategy, innovation
and new product development.

We hope this report will add to the debate and go some way
to making the case for a co-created future for businesses.

Dr Nick Coates, Global Consultancy Director, C Space

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