Mike Sepso: ‘Esports are a New Layer of Sports’

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From Asia to the Americas, there are 320+ million esports fans around the world — and the audience is expected to double by 2020. But the professional sport of competitive gaming is not just another sport. It’s a new type of global entertainment. Mike Sepso is one of the pioneers of the modern esports movement. He and his partner, Sundance DiGiovanni, founded Major League Gaming, and, as SVP at Activision Blizzard, Sepso helped create and launch the Overwatch League, a new type of city-based, global esports league. Sepso joins the podcast to explain the origins of the esports phenomenon, why it’s poised for more incredible growth in the future, and why gamers are more welcoming for brands to play along than you’d expect.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • A brief history of modern esports — from South Korea’s Starleague to the Overwatch League
  • Who are esports fans, and what is their culture?
  • Why a “fear of authenticity” should not stop brands from marketing to esports fans — as long as marketers don’t break one simple rule