Rich Antoniello: What Defines Youth Culture?

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Lots of companies copy what’s cool and relevant in youth culture. But what about the ones defining it? The brands that are starting — and owning — the conversation. Since the mid-2000s, Complex Networks has driven the cultural ethos behind hip hop, style, sneakers, music, sports, food, art, and design. With a catalogue of original content that includes shows like Hot Ones and Sneaker Shopping, licensing deals, live events, and a distribution strategy that reaches millions of loyal fans, Complex Networks is an entirely different type of media brand. CEO Rich Antoniello joins the podcast to explain just how the company does it and how Complex has an unapologetically “inside out” influence on what’s cool now…and what’s cool next.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • The story behind ComplexCon and how it changed the perspective of the Complex brand
  • Why segmentation and fragmentation are permanent cultural shifts — so you better embrace constant iteration!
  • What building a dock can teach us about increasing reach without losing credibility and authenticity
  • Will expertise and the “magic” of creativity suffer at the expense of speed?
  • Why we’re about to experience the biggest shift in media and advertising we’ve ever seen — and why most aren’t prepared for it
  • Advice for those willing to “attack the white space”