Sal Khan, CEO, Khan Academy: Personalizing Education for the Knowledge Economy

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In 2005, when Sal Khan was tutoring his young cousins, he started to see a pattern: personalized education (in this case, tutoring) helped students to master concepts and fill in the gaps in their knowledge, making it easier to advance to the next level. Sal, a hedge fund manager at the time, next took his tutoring lessons to YouTube, where his pleasant and intuitive instruction style went viral, resonating with students worldwide. Millions of views later, Khan left his day job to become the founder and CEO of Khan Academy, a not-for-profit educational organization that today operates in more than 190 countries and has more than 120 million users. Khan joins the podcast to talk about why the old ways of education need to change to keep pace with our global economy. He also explains why we need to move towards an educational ecosystem where every student can receive a tailored education — be it in-person, digitally, or both — at a mass scale.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • The backstory behind Khan Academy’s mission to provide a free world class education to anyone, anywhere
  • How distance learning during the pandemic has revealed what works (and what doesn’t) in both the physical and digital classroom
  • The pros and cons of being a non-profit company in the competitive for-profit edtech sector
  • The role platforms like TikTok can play in connecting with and educating students around the world
  • How Sal’s new venture,, aims to offer free, live, online tutoring help to all students through a global network of volunteer tutors

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