The New York Times: Journalism Needs Change

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Jodi Rudoren is a veteran journalist and an associate managing editor of The New York Times. She oversees the NYT’s new gender initiative and a team trying to grow and engage audiences outside the United States. She was also one of seven NYT journalists that made up Project 2020, a group tasked with advising the editor on how to change the structure and priorities of the newsroom to meet the challenges of the future. She joins the podcast to talk about profound changes happening at the NYT – in its business and in its journalism, as both get more focused on readers.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • The future of reporting and storytelling at the NYT
  • Where journalism is headed as new platforms and technologies, like AI, emerge
  • Why “fake news” is good for business for those who sell authority and integrity
  • How the NYT Reader Center is giving readers a voice and empowering them to co-create stories
  • Journalism’s influence on the #MeToo movement, and vice versa
  • The challenge of covering every perspective in a polarized world