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Unlocking Customer Inspired Growth: You’re Measuring the Wrong Things

It's difficult to understand what's most important to your customers and implement changes to improve their experience with your brand, earn their trust, and build loyalty. And measuring those changes? It's a moving target. The key is to simplify. Reframe your approach. Broaden your perspective. Think like a customer. You can start by looking at any experience a customer has with your brand through two focal points: friction and desire. Reducing friction is important to improving what's broken in your customer's experience. But desire is what drives real loyalty and creates lasting differentiation in the minds of customers. In this webinar, we'll explore:

  • What specific brand behaviors increase desire and reduce friction – based on 3 years work of research with more than 65,000 consumers

  • 5 customer imperatives that will give you a roadmap to growth

  • Brand examples of companies that are earning customer trust, building loyalty, and outperforming the market by acting more human

Speaker: Sam Rothkopf, VP of CX Strategy at C Space

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Duration: 1 hour

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