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Charles Schwab: Standing Out in a Sea of COVID-19 Communications

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PetSmart: designing pets into the retail experience

Working with pet parents (and their pets) PetSmart built the pet into the customer experience which led to more effective communications, greater differentiation of the store experience and a doubling of the company’s stock price in two years.

Contact Bill Alberti, CCO, to find out more.

British Airways: bringing flatbeds to business – a smarter way to fly

Through a series of co-creation workshops with business travelers, senior management and designers, British Airways uncovered a simple insight: the desire for sleep. This led to a new standard in business class travel and the world’s first “Beds in Business,” increasing revenue per seat by 60% and doubling customer satisfaction in the first year.

Contact Charles Trevail, CEO, to find out more.

Santander: launching the world’s biggest bank in the world’s biggest market

In 2013, Santander was the #1 retail bank in the world but had 0% awareness in the US when it planned to entered the US market. Working with consumers to launch their US strategy, Santander grew awareness, consideration and sales, with a breakthrough new product and positioning.

Contact Elizabeth Roberts, Chief Client Officer, to find out more. 

ViiV Healthcare: innovating with patients

ViiV Healthcare puts patients at the heart of its innovation process, including the creation of new products and services for individuals living with HIV.

Contact Corey Schwartz, Managing Director, C Space Health, to find out more.

Kraft Heinz: customer inspired product innovation

Consumers helped Heinz solve over 100 business challenges, penetrate new food categories and create a 26% uplift in sales.

Contact Phil Burgess, CPO, to find out more.

Mars: providing new tools for family fun

Shoppers worked directly with Mars executives to develop fresh and innovative ideas to boost sales and strengthen their relationship with one of the world’s largest retailers. The resulting “Big Night In” omni-channel marketing campaign led to a sell-through rate of 98.3% and a category lift of over 11%.

Contact Elizabeth Roberts, Chief Client Officer, to find out more.

The Why behind the What: a fast and remote UX solve for a global tech giant

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Walmart: changing mindsets around the rural shopper

Rural customers shared their stories and insights with senior leaders at Walmart driving merchandise changes, increased in sales, and a new marketing campaign.

Contact Jessica DeVlieger, President, to find out more.

Jaguar Land Rover: helping convert consumer truth into business strategy

Contact Ben Moncrieffe, Account Director, EMEA, to find out more.

Mayfair: re-designing the patient experience

Bringing together patients and employees, we co-created an award-winning medical clinic of the future, founded on empathy.

Contact Corey Schwartz, Managing Director, C Space Health, to find out more.

McDonalds: co-creating the restaurant of the future

McDonalds co created a future-focused restaurant format for families and young adults that is being rolled out into restaurants across the UK.

Contact Felix Koch, Joint MD, EMEA, to find out more.

Etihad: redefining luxury at 30,000 feet

Global travelers, frontline staff, and designers helped Etihad to move from an airline brand to a hospitality brand. The award-winning Residence by Etihad™ redefined luxury air travel and 80% of the new onboard features were designed with customers.

Contact Charles Trevail, CEO, to find out more.

HMD Global: Co-creating Nokia’s next range for the smartphone age

By bringing Millennials from around the world into their handset development process, HMD Global were able to create a product range built ground-up from the needs of the customer. When they launched the latest Nokia, pre-order in China sold out in just 15 minutes.

Contact Charles Drury, Head of Prototyping, to find out more.

Skillsoft Perspectives Event: How We Adapted

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Bank of America: re-shaping students’ financial IQs

High school students helped Bank of America create a new educational program that bolstered students’ financial IQ and led to an increase in student checking sales and brand favorability.

Contact Elizabeth Roberts, Chief Client Officer, to find out more. 

EE: solving for the “oh shit” moment of losing your phone

EE customers’ ingenuity inspired an innovative new mobile service plan that garnered 250,000 new users in the first 6 months and 15% increase in brand endorsement scores.

Contact Nick Coates, Creative Consultancy Director, EMEA, to find out more.

Samsung: inspiring laundry solutions for developing markets

Contact Charles Drury, Head of Prototyping, to find out more.

How C Space and the customer transformed Stop & Shop’s advertising

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Mayfair Diagnostics: Re-designing the Patient Experience

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How do you solve a problem for IKEA?

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Customer Inside: A Practitioners Guide to Online Communities

C Space partnered with the Market Research Society (MRS) and 130 client side practitioners to explore & understand how to get the most out of online communities (and the agencies that run them)

Outside In with Charles Trevail

Outside In with Charles Trevail takes a look at the strategies and philosophies of the world’s most customer-centric brands. Leaders from business, media, and academia discuss how consumers are changing, and share best practices on how to create a customer-inspired organization.