Fallon Health:
Turning to Customers to Build a Better Health Plan

The quality of information that we got out of listening was not only insightful but helped us deliver a product.”

Senior Vice President, Sales & Product Development, Fallon Health

The Brief:

One sixth of the global population lives with some form of disability and 53% of us are closely connected to someone who does. Yet only 4% of businesses are focused on making offerings inclusive. JLR wanted to drive change around disability and inclusion and tasked C Space with helping to encourage and implement a culture of inclusive design.

Our Approach:

Since 2017, C Space has helped to C Space engaged 300+ customers to build a better health insurance plan and to re-imagine the delivery of health and wellness education. We quickly realized that with a complex product such as health insurance, people have questions – and were looking for a place to get information, to get answers, and to get healthy. Working together, customers generated ideas and provided input on the idea of a health plan retail store.

The Impact:

Fallon launched a new service – inspired by customers – called the Healthy Health Plan, as well as brick-and-mortar health insurance information and retail centers, with the first test location receiving an unprecedented 1,200 individual visitors within the first 6 weeks of opening. It was a case of “if you build it, they will come”. Fallon was able to better serve its customers in new ways with their retail centers resulting in greater satisfaction and ultimately, healthier members.