The Why behind the What:

A Fast and Remote UX Solve for a Global Tech Giant

“What was most helpful to me was your expertise & professionalism – since you have a lot more experience in this field, I really benefited from your thoughts, recommendations, and questions. I learnt new stuff during our briefing call at the beginning, which made me confident about the project.”

User Experience Researcher, C Space Client

The Brief:

Our client, a global technology company, with products across all sectors, offers a suite of technology products and services to users for free if they subscribe. The business data showed that large numbers of users in India were setting up their accounts in English instead of Hindi (despite having limited fluency in English). They came to C Space to understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ that their existing research and usage data showed – seeking direct input on how the English and Hindi user experiences compared against each other.

Our Approach:

C Space ran a series of activities to explore users’ understanding and reactions to the individual features in both Hindi and English. We conducted in-depth UX interviews with consumers – offering a deep dive into why they were using English instead of Hindi, as well as what drove their language preference for certain features.

The Impact:

C Space found that, in some cases, opting for English isn’t an active choice, but more of a passive acceptance. In other words, because users think the technology company is American, they believe its products would work best in English. Moreover, consumers stated that Hindi translations can be quite bad, making English the preferred language choice.
The resulting output was a report that highlighted how seemingly unconnected fears affect product choice, and how the client could begin to address them to increase usage. Specific consumer stories in the report were spotlighted to bring their experiences to life and create empathy. Our recommendations included key things our client should consider in order to deliver on localization that actually works for users.

The report resulted in several ideas that the client’s stakeholders are planning to bring to a much bigger forum. Product impact is in progress, but the impact on people within the business has already been profound.