The right relationships lead to the right fit

Today, we’re repositioning the company around the notion of fit and the importance of bringing honesty and respect back to the job market. We’re redefining the industry once again in response to changing consumer behaviors and expectations.”

Elliott Seaborn SVP, Global Integrated Marketing, Monster

The Brief:

Twenty-five years ago, Monster dramatically improved the job search by moving newspaper classified ads online. They made searching for jobs much easier by leveraging a new behavior—searching the web—that was quickly emerging.

Since then, any innovation in this category has simply been evolving their original model. The basic paradigm has remained the same for decades—a person searches for a job by location and job title, or perhaps that candidate is found and recruited if they have the right keywords in their resume. needed to pivot in a big way. With their market share shrinking and competitors multiplying, Monster needed to shift their focus from traditional white collar jobs, to the untapped market of blue collar and service employment.

Our Approach:

We first proved out the business case for this shift in audience through a series of quantitative and foundational qualitative studies to understand both job seekers and employers. Realizing this was a differentiated and bold opportunity for them, we needed to bring it to life in order to inspire the organization. This film was created to align employees on who they’re fighting for and how the Corey’s of this world could build the future for

Through C Space’s lens we needed to illustrate that has a unique opportunity to break ground in this market. The film needed to demonstrate to Monster employees that their new clientele are valued individuals. That they’re hardworking, skilled, and that there’s money to be made in their field. They’re driven by the same core values, their families, their communities and their bottom line. They want a job that works for them, where they feel empowered by their work and their co-workers feel like a family.

In order to better understand the state of the job and candidate search, we spoke to over 3000 employers and job candidates across six global markets we deployed a unique research approach including ongoing qualitative, quantitative and diverse analytical methods to define the right audience and establish a new purpose, mission and values for Monster. We the used our CXC framework to understand what customers value about the job search and which experience variables drive business outcomes so that Monster could capitalize on areas that are important to their customers and their bottom line. This led us to uncover a hugely underserved market of job candidates who are the lynch pin of our society, and the ways in which Monster could help them. We found that both candidates and employers are searching for the same thing, respect and humanity within the job search.

The Impact:

  • Monster were thrilled by the finished product, and even proposed to use “Corey’s Story” as a cornerstone piece for an external-facing “Right Fit” series featuring other such occupations as nurses and food and service industry professionals.
  • Monster’s Global CMO, Jonathan Beamer, featured the Corey video at the Mobile Marketing Association Impact Conference in NYC. According to Elliott Seaborn, SVP, Global Integrated Marketing, “It’s a big part of his speech. Such a wonderful piece of film that we’ll increasingly use.”
  • Monster have put new ads out showing an honest perspective on the job-search process. They acknowledge the difficult realities of work today and how those realities stand in the way of finding the right fit—and, ultimately, happiness. The video gained over 1 million YouTube views in 3 months.