Adapting the Perspectives Event

“For an incredible 24 hours, we welcomed more than 14,000 fully engaged attendees who consumed 1.4 million minutes of content. And while we recognize this will deliver tangible value to the business for many months to come, we are equally as proud of the ways in which we strengthened the relationships we have with our customers and their learners. Our vision is to democratize learning, and I truly believe Perspectives 2020 helped us on that journey.”

Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek, CMO, Skillsoft

The Brief:

While working through a brand re-launch with us, Skillsoft, a global provider of digital learning and talent management solutions, was faced with a far greater challenge: COVID-19. Originally planning to share refreshed brands at their annual in-person B2B conference, Perspectives, they knew they needed to pivot. Fast. And in a big way.

Our Approach:

C Space put together an express package – the Perspectives event was totally reimagined and rebuilt in just nine weeks from kick-off. Going digital had to be about more than just moving an event onto an online platform. It had to be something completely new and irresistible that encouraged people to participate live. The team spent 28 hours over two days in a design thinking workshop, tapping into members of our customer communities to determine what they wanted from a modern digital experience and sought inspiration from global brands and experiences such as Peloton, Apple – and even The Bachelor.

This resulted in a complete ground-up rebuild of the structure and agenda, experiential components, marketing strategy, and the delivery of the event itself. The reimagined, digital-first experience spanned 24 hours, starting on May 13 at 9am AEST in Sydney, Australia and ending at 4pm PT in San Francisco, CA. The 24 hours of live content included head-to-head debates on critical and timely topics, keynotes from learning pioneers and industry luminaries, and actionable insights to build a culture of learning.

We’re proud that we could help with a combination of speed, agility and insight. We knew early in March that we needed to shift away from the in-person May event. In just nine weeks, we completely reimagined and re-built the experience questioning everything from target audience to cost structure. And we were able to achieve much more than originally anticipated. Rather than just a brand announcement in the United States., we introduced the reimagined Skillsoft and SumTotal brands to the world through the experience that was Perspectives 2020.

The Impact:

The success of Perspectives 2020 was humbling. Historically the in-person event drew less than 1,000 B2B registrants, but this year the new experience attracted more than 41,000 B2B and B2C registrants. Of those, 79% were net new leads with more than 50% of qualified leads considered decision-makers at their organization. Over 14,000 people attended on May 13, but the content is still online and the company has seen hundreds logging in, or back in, each day. This content will serve as Skillsoft’s demand-generation engine for the next year. From Skillsoft employees, we have consistently heard quotes like: “…in all my years at Skillsoft (20+) and having attended every single Perspectives event, you have pulled off something that was just unimaginable! I have never been prouder of this company!”