Do Not Sell My Personal Information for California Residents

Residents of California have the right to opt out of C Space “selling” their personal information. Under California law, “selling” includes when C Space shares your personal information with another business in exchange for some type of value.

C Space does not share your personal information with other businesses for that business to market their products and services to you. However, if you participate in one of our Communities, you have consented to your personal information being “sold” (under California law) to the Community sponsor strictly for the purpose of that sponsor’s market research. By consenting to provide to C Space, and allowing C Space to “sell” your personal information to the Community sponsor, you may have access to certain financial incentives through our member appreciation programs.

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You have the right to revoke your consent to C Space “selling” your personal information to the Community sponsor at any time. However, you acknowledge that by revoking your consent, you will be removed from the Community and no longer have access to our member appreciation program or be chosen to participate in future research projects.

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