Humans are wired for relationships.

Whether we like it or not we have relationships — not just with people — but with things in our lives (tech, books, your piano) and organizations (the IRS).

When your bank doesn’t respond, you feel ignored, and when your favorite airline cancels your flight, you can’t help feeling let down.

Much has been studied about how to develop successful personal relationships, but most companies are still focused on what customers can do for them instead of mutual value.

Like in personal relationships, companies must do the work, cultivating connections that deliver value to ensure they remain strong and relevant over time.

Enter Relationship Thinking℠, our take on what really matters in business.

Relationship Thinking is our approach to building mutual value with clients, customers and colleagues. 

The premise is simple: invest in relationships, they’re your best source of competitive advantage in the 21st Century.   

Brands that successfully build meaningful relationships with customers:

Stay relevant longer
Have higher customer retention (CLTV)
Experience more organic growth

At C Space we help clients strengthen customer relationships, nurture them over time and develop a more relationship-centric culture.

Stronger relationships build stronger brands. We can prove it.

The CXC System has been validated by over 8 years of research. Customer-inspired and human-centric, it quantifies the strength and quality of customers’ relationships with brands and has a built-in typing tool that lets us segment customers by different relationship types, or statuses.

Today’s strongest brands have adopted Relationship Thinking.℠.

Do what you promise
Be clear on the ‘who’
Take the long view

And they solve business challenges through a relationship lens. 

The kinds of customer questions brands are thinking about:

How do I get more customers?

How do I get customers to buy more?

How do I build more customer loyalty?

How do I stop existing customers from leaving?

How most brands are asking those customer questions:

Will you recommend me?

Will you buy more of my things?

Will you rate stuff I’m being measured on?

Why are you leaving?

But what if brands asked relationship-based questions instead?

Who are we really for, long-term?

Do we show up in the right way?

What small steps can we take to make things better?

How are we doing? What bad habits are getting in the way?

What’s your customer relationship status?

Take our customer relationship diagnostic to find out — and learn who your high-impact customer are. It doesn’t have to be “complicated.”

See what Relationship Thinking℠ looks like in practice.


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Are you ready for the Relationship Economy?

Today’s customers won’t settle for a decent experience, they know their worth — and expect an authentic relationship with brands build on mutual value.