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We’re at a moment of accelerated change and opportunity and it’s more critical than ever for businesses to connect with their customers on a human level. As a result, the role of insights within organizations is evolving in exciting ways.

The Better Why was developed as a platform for insights leaders to connect, share experiences, co-create solutions and explore new ways to uncover the deeper insights that drive impact and strategic advantage.

The Better Why is also an opportunity to elevate the role of insights within organizations by shining a spotlight on some of the amazing, forward-thinking work happening in insights teams across the globe driving impact. 

We encourage you to get involved! Join a peer connection session, submit your (or your colleagues’) exciting work, attend an event. We promise you’ll never view your role in insights the same again!


Celebrating the teams who are transforming customer insight into strategic advantage.

Better Why LIVE

Our annual event – defining the future of insights together with insights leaders from the world’s top brands.

Peer Connections

A unique opportunity for insight leaders to connect on the topics shaping our industry. 


Announcing the 2023 Better Why award winners!

The Better Why Awards recognize insights leaders and customer advocates who are making a real impact and driving our industry forward.

Check here to find out who the finalists and winners are across the four award categories – and  replay the Better Why LIVE event where we share the winning stories and hear from global insights leaders across industries on what it takes to build always-on relationships with your customers.  



Staying ahead of the customer

For a program that has used foresight to get ahead of changing customer expectation and has led to impact on business or customer outcomes


Working at the speed of the customer

For an insights program that flexed with rapidly changing customer needs to enable rapid decision making aligned to customer outcomes


Leading Change for Better Business

For an insights program that has had a measurable impact on either organizational (internal) or customer (external) inclusivity practices


Do you truly ‘get’ your customer?

For a project or program that combines insight and relationship design to drive a customer-centric outcome


Championing the customer as a true disruptive force for business

For an organization in which growth can be directly attributed to insights, customer experience or customer relationship design programs.

The Better Why Peer Connections

Our objective with the Peer Connections series is to support your efforts in delivering value and impact as insights professionals, and to learn from and inspire one another as we elevate the voice of the customer within our respective organizations. This is a unique opportunity for insights leaders to come together to share ideas, ask questions and discuss solutions to the biggest challenges in our industry today.

Here’s a look back at topics we covered in 2023. Please stay tuned for our 2024 Peer Connections calendar.

Inflation Nation: Building Stronger Relationships with Customers in Tough Times

With rising concerns about inflation and the possibility of an economic recession, it’s critical to understand evolving customer needs, sentiment and behaviors. Discover valuable insights and actionable strategies for navigating these challenges and building strong, lasting relationships with your customers.

In Good Health: Embracing Inclusivity in Healthcare Research

As insight leaders, it’s our responsibility to improve healthcare access and patient outcomes by understanding consumer samples, preparing for the future of the healthcare consumer market and applying an inclusive lens to our research practices.

Explore how healthcare brands can show up to be more relevant to underserved audiences.

From Silos to Synergy: Rebuilding Powerful Partnerships Between UX and Insights

A deep understanding of your customer and the success of any product depends on strong collaboration between insights and user experience teams. However, building and maintaining this partnership can be challenging, especially when each team has different priorities and approaches.

Getting Gen Pop Right: Rethinking Traditional Research Practices

In this small group discussion, led by our Head of DEI ThinkTank,  Keyona Osborne, and our VP of Client Services and Research Recruitment,  Michelle Fisher, will discuss what it takes to ensure you are including the right mix of people and perspectives in your research, plus how voices end up excluded from research samples.

The Alpha Effect: Understanding the Digital Natives Who Are Shaping Our Future

Everyone knows Gen Alpha has grown up in an always-on digital world of big brands, big tech and big upheaval. But, who is Gen Alpha? What do they value? And how can brands foster meaningful relationships with them? 

How Will AI Change Insights?

Led by C Space’s  Asha Parmar, we will assess the emerging opportunities, threats and big questions that AI poses for our industry.

Asha recently spoke at IIEX Europe in a talk co-written with ChatGPT and other AI tools about the impact of generative AI on insights. 

From TikTok to Threads: What Changing Sources of News Mean for Brands

In a remarkable shift, customers are turning to platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Threads and X to stay up to date on current events. What does this mean for your brand? How do insights professionals stay on top of this trend?

Navigating Climate Conversations with Customers

In this discussion, we’ll cover the challenges faced by you and your peers when navigating climate change with customers. How can businesses understand how to best leverage their sustainability activities to enhance their brand propositions and drive growth? How do you avoid greenwashing or even “greenhushing?”

Don’t miss this insightful connection with  Denise Hicks and  Zoe Bishop on improving climate conversations with customers and reshaping climate narratives.

Why Foresight Needs More Humans and Fewer Robots

Engage in a lively debate alongside a group of like-minded peers on the future of Foresight. Should we focus on certainties rather than far-fetched scenarios? Are expert perspectives self-fulfilling prophecies in Foresight work? How can brands turn hyper-hypothetical trend inspiration work into action? 

Amy Concannon and  Zoe Bishop for a stimulating conversation and exchange on the challenges and opportunities in Foresight.


100+ insights leaders weigh in. 

With recommendations for success, this report will leave you with inspiration about how to structure the strategic and the tactical, work more effectively with agency partners, design you projects with purpose and at speed and translate customer needs into business imperatives.