Navigating, Now.

Staying close to customers has never been more important.

Customer, Now.

Nothing is changing faster than ourselves.

Staying close to customers has never been more important. Companies that thrive, even during volatility, often succeed because they invest in their customer – and they’re able to anticipate core needs, even as they evolve.

So what matters to customers right now? We’re exploring lock-down, and what follows it, from the customers’ perspective.

Episode 14

Living in the grey

The unknowns from earlier this year – when there were more questions than answers around Covid-19, social and political unrest – are being replaced by the experiences people have had with them.  And those experiences set new expectations for what’s to come.

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Episode 13

Embracing our truths

We go deeper with customers to discover how truth requires empathy

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Episode 12

Being authentically inclusive

For customers, inauthentic action is worse than inaction

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Episode 11

Believing our excuses

What makes change stick? And why do we resist real change?

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Episode 10

Projecting Injustice

The intersection between racial injustice, COVID-19, and the forces of change they represent

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Episode 09

Energy beyond the moment

Our energy persevere is fueled by something unexpected, and it’s in short supply

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Episode 08

Habits of control

Customers offset negative feelings from the pandemic with positive feelings they can create and control for themselves

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Episode 07

The widening empathy gap

People are experiencing the same thing very differently

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Episode 06

Guilt in everything

Discovering that guilt isn’t entirely successful at keeping us in check

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Episode 05

Humanity in the Balance

Tapping into customers’ imagination, creativity and perspective

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Episode 04

We Before Me

A growing sense of gratitude as a function of interdependency

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Episode 03

Survival of the Simplest

A surprising new version of success

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Episode 02

The Opposite is also true

Discovering a world of internal conflict

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Episode 01

Community as important as food

A collective need for community and solidarity.

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Insight, Now.

Insight is pivoting around a new normal.

Insight leaders at the world’s biggest brands are pivoting their methodologies and approaches to navigate what’s happening now. We’re sharing best practices from our clients and our colleagues, as a way to support the industry.

Demand Shock

Some companies are set up to manage disruption much better than others.

Healthcare, Now. What we’ve discovered about coping in a crisis

C Space engages with hundreds of thousands of people – patients, caregivers and physicians – every day. They’re generating insights that are helping our clients understand how COVID-19 is affecting lives, informing and de-risking decisions about how to address those needs. Healthcare as we know it will be forever changed. Helping our healthcare clients anticipate future opportunities and mitigate risk has never been more urgent.

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The Crisis Playbook, Part 1: Business Tactics During, and After, COVID-19

How we work needs a radical rethink. To support our clients, we’re building a best practice playbook for businesses: how to navigate now and plan for what’s next.

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Customer Inside: A Practitioners Guide to Online Communities

Twenty years ago, when C Space pioneered online communities the landscape was unrecognizable from today. We partnered with the Market Research Society (MRS) and 130 client side practitioners to explore & understand how to get the most out of online communities (and the agencies that run them).

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Work, Now.

How we are pivoting with our clients.

How we are working with the world’s leading brands to keep them closer than ever to customers.

Leaning into Growth

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Modifying products and services for a digital world

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Breakthroughs for the future

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Standing Out in a Sea of COVID-19 Communications

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