Building and launching the world’s largest dedicated Spanish-language streaming service.

Are you launching a product into a new market? Learn how C Space helped Univision build a new brand for a completely new audience and launch their Latin American streaming service, ViX.


The need for a new brand.

For decades, Univision has elevated Latin culture through diverse Spanish-language programming across North America. We were challenged with creating the brand for a premier Spanish-language streaming service for a global Latin audience and ultimately an icon of Latin cultures.

Meet the group of people who helped along the way.


Turning to 800+ consumers across 8 markets.

Inspired by insights garnered from a community made of over 800 consumers across eight Spanish-speaking markets, the importance and understanding of diverse rich cultures was paramount for this audience. We turned to consumers to help us think through how to reach the incredibly diverse audiences we needed across the vast cultural mosaic that is Latin America. We got vulnerable, asking pointed questions about their lives, their needs and desires and what would inspire them to care.

Community | Demand Space Segmentation | Brand Strategy

Our growth-oriented strategy is supported by ratings increasing 23% in the Univision network, the highest among all major U.S. networks.

Wade Davis, CEO of TelevisaUnivision, on the 2022 launch of ViX


A set of strategic growth tools for activation.

With C Space, Univision now has a set of strategic growth tools to activate the ViX brand. A market-specific Demand Space Segmentation that maps viewers’ unique needs and behaviors, created a roadmap that connects the ViX brand strategy to real consumer experiences and opportunities. This was used by a variety of Univision teams for targeting, messaging, market entry, and taking on the competition moving forward. This segmentation became the key to activating future growth by connecting the ViX brand strategy to the launch and execution strategy.


25 million monthly active users on ViX’s free tier.

ViX is now the largest dedicated Spanish-language streaming service in the world, with more than 25 million monthly active users on its free tier alone.

ViX was awarded Apple TV’s App of the Year in 2022 globally – the first Spanish-language app to receive this recognition – and Google Play’s Best App of 2022 in Mexico

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