Helping Monster reemerge as a major player in the job search space.

Are you trying to reassess your target audience and understand how your current or future offerings might resonate with them? Learn how C Space helped pivot its audience strategy to a new and untapped market.


The need to reassess a target audience. needed to pivot in a big way. With its market share shrinking and competitors multiplying, Monster needed to shift its focus from traditional white-collar jobs, to the untapped market of blue collar and service employment.

The “Right Fit,” according to Corey.


Defining the right audience and establishing a new purpose.

In order to better understand the state of the job and candidate search, we spoke to over 3,000 employers and job candidates across six global markets. We deployed a unique research approach that included ongoing qualitative, quantitative and diverse analytical methods to define the right audience and establish a new purpose, mission and values for Monster.

Using our Customer Experience Code System framework, we were able to understand what customers value about the job search and which experience variables drive business outcomes, so that Monster could capitalize on areas that are important to their customers and their bottom line. This led us to uncover a hugely underserved market of job candidates who are the lynch pin of our society, and the ways in which Monster could help them. We found that both candidates and employers are searching for the same thing, respect and humanity within the job search.

Community | Segmentation | Customer Experience Strategy | Brand Strategy

We’re redefining the industry once again in response to changing consumer behaviors and expectations.

Elliott Seaborn, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Monster


Strategic growth plans across functions.

Through this work, Monster had a full global market segmentation with growth strategies across marketing, brand and product. Additionally, C Space helped Monster develop employer and job seeker profiles to enhance sales and development plans. Finally, “Corey Story’s” documentary and supporting activation materials brought everything to life within the organization. 


Pivoting audience strategy to an untapped market.

  • Monster was thrilled by the finished product, and even proposed to use “Corey’s Story” as a cornerstone piece for an external-facing “Right Fit” series featuring other occupations such as nurses and food and service industry professionals.
  • “Right Fit” was utilized as centerpiece of overall brand positioning.
  • Product development focused on new user groups due to this strategy work.

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