Innovation Consulting

Co-create the now, next & beyond

What does it take to build products, services and experiences that consumers want rather than trying to sell them the things that you have? Learn how our Innovation Consulting team works with customers end-to-end to discover unmet needs, identify the moments that matter in customer journeys and build the products and services of tomorrow. 

Innovate with consumers, not for them, to create lasting relevance that drives commercial results.

Contending with shifting trends in technology, new ways of doing business and evolving customer expectations? At C Space, we work with your customers as consultants to keep your innovation pipeline focused – and prepare your business for the customer of the future. Our human-centric approach to innovation leverages landscape, competitive and trend audits to outline opportunity areas. We use Online Communities to embed consumers in new product launches or store redesigns, for example. We believe in co-creating with consumers and stakeholders throughout the innovation journey to set direction and build the future. And that’s just the beginning of how we strengthen your customer relationships.

Give your brand the edge to recognize where the market will be tomorrow with Innovation Consulting.

Our Innovation Consulting helps brands…

Optimize physical and digital interactions through customer-driven innovation.

Great customer-brand relationships are a work in progress, rebuilt constantly, through little steps everyday. C Space’s Innovation Consulting team sweats the details to make every customer interaction and overall experience simple, human and rewarding.

Build new products and experiences that solve customer needs of today and tomorrow.

We all need confidence to try new things. Reimagine and reinvent solutions and products that people need and want by keeping your customers at the center of your innovation strategy.

Envision mutually preferable futures through innovation to ensure your brand’s relevance.

Brands need to keep an eye on the future. The next chapter, not the next page. C Space’s Innovation Consulting team helps clients develop foresight to bring dreams closer to home by creating new concepts that keep them ahead of competitors.

We’re helping our clients understand, manage and grow their businesses using Innovation Consulting. See our case studies.


We developed an innovative patient-first approach with Otsuka to inform treatment and care of mental health conditions.


We helped improve Global Hotel Alliance’s experience by creating a truly relational loyalty brand with customers at the heart of the process.

Mayo Clinic

We helped Mayo Clinic partner with patients to surface innovative ideas in imagining the future of digital healthcare.

Innovation with the C Space touch future-proofs your brand’s relevance.

By building innovative strategies with customers instead of for them, we create lasting relevance that drives commercial results.

We believe that foresight is about minimizing surprise and focusing on mutually preferable scenarios. 

Our featured Innovation Consulting thinking.


How consumers’ changing AI perceptions impact brands.

Our AI Diagnostic reveals that current AI sentiments are defined by duality, with equal proportions of respondents saying AI makes them feel ‘empowered’ and ‘anxious.’ Check out key insights on whether AI will foster independence or over-dependence and what it means for your brand. 


CosMc’s lands out-of-this-world experience. 

If you’re familiar with CosMc’s, a new beverage-led restaurant from McDonald’s, you’ll know that it’s alien-inspired. It’s success Earthside, however, is thanks to the real QSR customers who tested and perfected the CosMc’s customer experience ahead of launch with C Space.


Explore how the modern travel landscape is evolving.

Adventure trips. Wellness sanctuaries. Taylor Swift jaunts. Travel is booming and accounts for 9% of this year’s global GDP. But how do brands navigate evolving preferences of the modern traveler? Our latest report explores shifting priorities and sustainable strategies on meeting consumers where they’ll be next.